2.What the Moon Saw (11th EM)



2.What the Moon Saw

                                                                                                                               – Hans Christian Anderson

Special English

Class – 11th 

Q.1.Where did the painter live?

Ans. The painter lived in a higher up room in a narrow street.

Q.2. why did the painter feel low –spirited in the town?

Ans. The painter felt low spirited in the town because he had neither any friend nor any familiar person there.

Q.3. whose appearance made the painter happy?

Ans. The appearance of the moon made the painter happy.

Q.4.where was the moon gliding on the first evening?

Ans. The moon was gliding in the cloudless Indian sky.

Q.5. who came out of the thick bushes?

Ans. A Hindu maid came out of the thick bushes.

Q.6. what thought had brought the maid to the river?

Ans. The thought of wishing for the long life of her betrothed had brought the maid to the river.

Q.7. what did the maid believe in?

Ans.  The maid believed in that burning of the lamp will keep her betrothed alive.

Q.8.why did the father scold the little girl?

Ans. The father scolded the little girl because she had frightened the hen.

Q.9.why did the girl enter the apartment of the hen and chicks?

Ans. The girl entered the apartment of the hen and chicks to beg her pardon from them for the mischief of the previous day.

Q.10. what did the father do to the little girl? When she told him her attention?

Ans. When the girl told her father of her attention, he loved her and kissed her.

 Q.11. write the character sketch of the Hindu girl highlighting:

  1. Her beauty, 2. Her love, 3.Her fears about the life of her betrothed.

Ans. The Narrator speaks as the moon in the story. He presents a fine picture of the Hindu girl. While gliding through the sky. He happens to see a Hindu girl from Hindustan. She comes out of thick bushes. She is fairer than the word ‘fair’. It means, she is extremely beautiful. Her movement is quick and graceful. She appears with a flash .she is as beautiful as eve.

             The girl is in love with her betrothed. She loves him whole heartedly. We can imagine the intensity of her love to him as we see that she makes her efforts to keep the lamp in burning position. She gets her finger burnt but she does not give up her effort. She does not care for the speckled name lying besides her. She completely lost in love with her betrothed.

             In Hindustan, there are some old beliefs that people adopt as precaution against coming evils. The girl belongs to Hindu religion. Therefore, she has firm faith in Hindustani remedies. She fears about the life of her betrothed. She prays to God for the long life of betrothed. She keeps the lamp burning in her hand before floating it into the flowing water .the burning of flame symbolizes the long life of some one o the  girl does the same for the long life of her  betrothed.

2.What the Moon Saw (11th EM)

2.What the Moon Saw (11th EM)


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