2.The power of determination

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2.The power of determination

                                                                                                     – Burt Dubin              

Q.1.why was the boy sent to hospital?                               

Ans. The boy was sent to hospital for treatment.

Q.2. what was the opinion of the doctor about the burnt boy?

Ans. The doctor’s opinion was that the boy would surely die.

Q.3.what was the effect of the doctor’s words on the terribly burnt boy?

Ans. When the little boy heard that he would die, he decided that he would survive. Though he was terribly burnt yet he was a brave boy so he made up his mind that he would not be a cripple.

Q.4.How did the boy make himself able to walk and run. ?

Ans. One day the boy raised himself up on the fence. After this he started to make practice of walking every day around the yard beside the fence then with his firm determination he started running.

Q.5.how did the mother help the boy to overcome his disability? Sup 15

Ans. His mother was also brave she wanted that he should overcome his disability. every day she massage his little legs. She took him  out  on a  wheel chair and   eneamarged him.

3.Salutation To The Nation

                                                                                                      –M.P.Kamal & S.R.K.Bhargav   

Q.1.Who is known as Shaheed –e-Azam ?     

Ans. “Bhagat Singh” is known as shaheed-e-Azam.

Q.2.Name three patriots who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of motherland same day at Lahore ?

Ans. Bhagat Singh , Sukhdev and Rajguru.

Q.3. What Slogans were raised by the revolutionaries?

Ans. The slogans were “ Inqualab  Zindabad, Samrajyavad Murdabad “.

   Q.4. what did the three revolutionaries do  while going towards the  place of execution ?

   Ans. They refused to get their faces covered, wear the  cap and  get hand uncuffed. They sang   patriotic song in a jovial mood. They raised slogans Inqualab Jindabad, Samarjyavad Murdabad.

Q.5.Describe how the three revolutionaries embraced death for the cause of India’s freedom.6.13

Ans. The three revolutionaries were Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and  Sukhdev.they were  brave. They wanted to free our nation.for this  they laid down their lives. They were sentenced to death. They raised the  slogan ‘Inqualab Zindabad, Samrajyabad Murdabad’ in  a loud and  clear voice. they pulled the  hangman’s rope and put it  round their neck. Thus  they sacrificed their life.

Q.6.What did Mahatma Gandhi say on the death of Bhagat Singh ? 2015

Ans. Gandhiji  said , “ Their magnificient courage and  sacrifice has  been an inspiration to  youth of India?Q.7.What did Sardar Kishan Singh do to avoid any untoward incident ? sup 15

Ans. SArdar Kishan singh saw that the  crowed was  becoming unmanageable. He  realized that the  police might fire at or lathi charge at people any moment. Many innocent people would die so he asked his wife that they should go away. He  drove away the  crowd from jail and started delivering a speech.

2. Power of Determination