2.A Friend Who Came From The Sky(12 MP BOARD HM)

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2.A Friend Who Came From The Sky(12 MP BOARD HM)

today we are going to tell about of lesson 2 A Friend Who Came From The Sky(12 MP BOARD HM)


Q.1.what was Mini doing in the balcony ?  2014 , 2017                                                         

Ans. Mini was sitting in her wheel chair and watching the children playing in the park outside.

Q.2. what disability did she have?           Sup 14    sup15,2016

Ans. Mini was a spastic .who had no control over her hands & legs from birth.she could not walk.

Q.3. Why did the neighbourhood children not become friendly with her ?

Ans The neighbourhood  children did  not become friendly  with her because  they were busy with their own games and school.

Q.4. Being spastic , what could Mini do and what could  she not?

Ans. Being spastic, Mini could not walk or button up her shirt,but she could brush her teeth and use a spoon to eat . she could crawl.

Q.5. Why do you think the bird refused to eat anything ?

Ans.The bird refused to eat anything because he was unable to eat as he was badly wounded.

Q.6. Why do you think Mini named the bird ‘Mitra’?

Ans. Mini had no friends .she needed a friend so she named the bird ‘Mitra’.

Q.7. Describe the duck’s farewell.       Sup 14

Ans. Mini father took all the children and the duck to nearby lake. The children lifted their the duck carefully from Mini lap and gently released him into the lake .he began swimming and shoveling the water with his beak. the children watched him for a long time

Q.8. who do you think the story is about , mini or the duck ?why?

Ans. The story is about Mini and her disability .the duck is only symbolic and has been brought in to  focus attention on the handicaps of disabled children.

Q.9. what had happened to the  bird ?         2013

Ans. In an effort to  rejoin his mates he had  hurt his wings.

Q.10. How did the  bird react when  Mini ‘s mother tried to pick it up ?                 sup.

Ans. When Mini’s mother  tried to pick it up ,it nipped her.

Q.11.How was the bird fed?    2014,2016

Ans. The bird was fed by Mini’s mother by mashing some cooked rice in a bowl, adding milk and sugar and opening the birds beak, and then feeding him with an ink filler.

Q.12. what was the ball that fell in her lap?2015

Ans.it was a duck,a shoveller.

2.A Friend Who Came From The Sky(12 MP BOARD HM)