1st year B.A.,B.Sc., B.Com Notes

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1st year B.A.,B.Sc., B.Com college exam

1. A Song of Kabir

                                                                                     – Translated by R.N.Tagore

Q.1.why  does the  Kabir consider it needless to  ask  the  caste of a saint ?

Ans. Casteism is needless for True saint and according to him  every human  being is same. That’s why it is  needless to ask the caste of a saint.

Q.2. Who was Rishi Swapacha by caste ?

Ans. The Rishi Swapacha was a tanner by caste.

Q.3. what is common in Hindus and Muslims ?

Ans. God is one for  Both Hindus and Muslims but the  form is  different.

2. Satyagraha

                                                         – M.K.Gandhi

Q.1. Who changed the  term ‘Sadagraha’ to ‘Satyagraha’ ?

Ans. Mohandas karam  Chand  Gandhi changed the  term ‘Sadagraha’ to ‘Satyagraha’.

Q.2. What were the regulations for  prisoners  in jail ?

Ans. The Regulations for  prisoners in jail were –

  1. Meal should be Finished  before sunset.   2. Tea or coffee were not allowed
  2. Salt was added to cooked food if they wished.

 3.Ode to the Nightingale

                                                                     – John Keats

Q.1. whose heart aches and why ?

Ans. Poet’s heart  aches  because of the  melodious richness of nightingale’s song.

Q.2. what drowsy numbness ?

Ans. Drowsy numbness  here  implies that the poet  has lost his external senses because of the  intoxication of the nightingale’ s music.

Q.3. what is hemlock ?

Ans. Hemlock is medicinal sedative plant with poisonous Qualities.

Q.4.what is Lethe?

Ans. According  to Greek legend Lethe is the  imaginary river of  forgetfulness.

Q.5.  who is  Dryad ?

Ans. Dryad is a  female  spirit that lives in tree or Jungles.

Q. 6. What is the meaning of full throated ?

Ans. The expression ‘full throated ‘ in  the poem  implies  that the bird is  singing  without  any inhibition in a  state of complete case with full voice.

4. Preface to the Mahabharata

                                                                               – C.Rajagopalchari

Q.1. who is the writer of Mahabharata ?

Ans.  Chakravarti  Rajagopalchari  or Rajaji.

Q.2.what is krishna’s place in the  Mahabharata ?

Ans. One can  feel the  overwhelming power , the incomparable vastiness and  sublimity of krishnas charater in the  Mahabharata. Without him Mahabharata is incomplete.

Q.3. how does Mahabharata inspire us ?

Ans. Mahabharata inspires us by teaching  that all the  difficulties and trials in life should be faced with bravery and  courage .

Q.3. what was the position of women at that time ?

Ans. At  that time , women were highly honoured. They had  right to  take  decisions and  could choose their husbands also.

Report Writing

Q.1 You have witnessed an accident write a report for a News paper in 100 word about the accident .

Ans.                                                A Collision of a Lorry & a Maruti car

Gwalior , March. 5. 2019

A Very fatal accident took place on Gwalior – Agra Road at 12 Noon. It was a serious and sudden Collision between a lorry and a Maruti  car. The Maruti car was running at a break neck speed. It was coming from Morena while the lorry containing 50 passenger took a sudden turn from the bus stop Delhi . the Maruti car struck directly in the mouth of lorry . the driver breathed his last on the spot the four other passenger had serious injuries on their bodies . the passenger sitting in the lorry got a heavy jerk and some of them bruises on their bodies .the victims were taken to the hospital. The police come and  registered a case. It was a shocking accident. To prevent such type of accidents government should take certain measures such as arranging  for traffic police on important crossing of highways. Improving the conditions of road etc.  we should also  be careful in driving our vehicles to avoid a Mishappening.



1st year B.A.,B.Sc., B.Com college exam

1st year B.A.,B.Sc., B.Com college exam


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