19.If I Were you  – Anonymous

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19.If I Were you  – Anonymous

19.If I Were you

                                                                                – Anonymous

Q.1. what did Gerrard tell the intruder about his life?

Ans. Gerrard told the intruder that he lived alone in the lonely cottage. Few people know about him and visit him. He is like a mystery man like the intruder. He had killed a person and the police was after him.

Q.2.Why did the Intruder go into Gerrard house?

Ans. The intruder had killed a cop. The police was chasing him. One day he saw Gerrard. He looked like the intruder and lives unknown in a lonely cottage. The   intruder went into Gerrard’s house to kill him and live as Gerrard to avoid being arrested.

Q.3.why was the Intruder dodging the police?

Ans. The intruder was a professional jewellery robber. He had already killed a policeman. The police was chasing him . Therefore he was dodging the police to avoid being hanged.

Q.4.What story did Gerrard knit to trap the Intruder? 2015

Ans. Gerrard was a young stage artist. One day he was packing his travelling bag.  Just then an intruder entered his cottage. He had a revolver in his hand.  His plan was to kill Gerrard and assume his identity. His trick was to elude the police and save himself from being hanged. Gerrard told him that he had also killed a man. The police might come anytime to arrest him. There, he had posted a man on the main road to forewarn him .Gerrard knit this story to trap the intruder.   

Q.5. How did Gerrard finally confine the Intruder into the cupboard? 2015

Ans.  The telephone bell rang. Gerrard told the intruder about the forewarning of the police heading towards the cottage. Gerrard opened the door and asked Gerrard to see the police on the road   himself. The intruder was taken in.  He leant forward to see out Gerrard pushed him into the cupboard and slammed the door and  locked it . He picked up the intruder’s revolver and kept it pointed at the cupboard door .

Q.6. “One who is intelligent is powerful “. How did Gerrard prove that us he defeated the Intruder by his intelligence?

Ans.  An intelligent person can solve all the problems. In the case of Gerrard we see that he was in the gravest situation of his life but he did not lose courage. His mind kept on working even in adverse circumstances. He answered all questions of the intruder humorously and intelligently. Towards the end of the play he knitted a false story. Again he acted very well and made the intruder to fall into his trap and get arrested.

19.If I Were you  – Anonymous

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