18.India’s Gift to the world

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General  English  

Class – 11

                                                         18.India’s Gift to the world                                                                                                               – Louis Fisher

Q.1. what  religion Gandhiji confess to believe  in ?

Ans.  He was a Christian and aHindu and Muslim and a Jew.

Q.2.How did the  author come to know that Gandhiji had been killed?

Ans.  He came to know it when  he  turned on his radio on the  morning of 31 january,1948.

Q.3.How  did  Gandhiji pay for   his  principles?

Ans. He did  it by  going to jail , by inviting death and  by courting poverty.

Q.4. How is the  life of  Gandhiji remembered?

Ans. He is  remembered as an  outstanding individual of the  twentieth century or perhaps of the  preceding nineteenth too . he was an Indian but now he  belongs to the  world.

India’s Gift to the world

18. India’s Gift to the world