16.The English Language

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16.The English Language

today we are going to tell you some imp questions to help in exam.16.The English Language ……………….

16.The English Language

                                                                                                                            – Harry Hemsley

Q.1.some important meaning-

  1. word                                   syn/similar                                 Ant/opposite

          Queer                                      strange / unusual                              –

          Ajar                                         slightly open                                      –

Adders                                    a small poisonous snake , often with diamond shaped marks on its back   –

Copper                                    a police officer

Q.1.What are the two meaning of the word ‘cricket’?    2013,2015 , 2016

Ans. The first meaning is ‘ a small insect ‘ and the other is the name of a game.

Q.2. what is meant by ‘deer is far from cheap’?

Ans. ‘far from cheap ‘ means not cheap ,that is expensive.

Q.3. How is the word ‘spin’ used differently in the poem?

Ans. The word ‘spin’ is used in three different meanings. it is used to denote ‘to turn round’ to drive or travel quickly and to produce a thread .

Q.4. How is a copper used in a kitchen?

Ans. Copper is used in the form of utensils used for cooking food.

Q.5.What joke  is the  poet talking about ?

Ans. The Poet is referring to a joke connected with the words ’dumb’ and ‘speak’.

Q.6. What other meaning does the word ‘ball’ have ? sup15

Ans. The other meaning is ‘ a western classical dance’.

16.The English Language

16.The English Language