3.My Mother(11th EM)


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Special English

Class – 11th 

3.My Mother

                                                                                                                                              –Nirad C.Chaudhari

Q.1.Wherewere the two deep wrinkles formed in his mother’s face?

Ans. There were two deep wrinkles between her eyebrows.

Q.2. what produced wrinkles on her forehead?

Ans.The frequent fits of introspective brooding into which she fell, produced wrinkles on her forehead.

Q.3. How does the author describe his mother’s eyes and nose?

Ans. According to the author, his mother’s eyes were large and liquid .her nose was very regular and prominent.

Q.4.What was the mother’s concept of good manners?

Ans. His mother’s concept was that manners were a matter of fundamental decencies and not of  external polish.

Q.5. Describe the face of author’s mother in your own words.

Ans. In author’s words, his mother’s appearance was not good at all .his face was not impressive. She had two deep wrinkles between her eyebrows. Her forehead was well shaped. Her face was oval and broad. Her eyes were large. Her nose was regular and prominent.

Q.6.How did the writer’s mother react to a mishap with hem?

Ans. The writer’s mother had to capacity to control herself very quickly even if an accident happened with her child. In spite of being panicky she never went to anyone for help.

Q.7.What faults of character did the mother dislike?

Ans. The mother generally disliked the faults of character. These faults are falsehood, dishonesty, moral cowardice and meanness. She always condemned vice and despised the tacit acceptance of an advantage.

Q.8.What is meant by expression, a sharp and biting tongue? How did the author’s react to his sharp and biting tongue?

Ans. ‘A sharp and biting tongue’ means ‘talking in an evil manner’. It was not only against the code of social behavior but also against charity. His mother never allowed her children to become ill –mannered.

Q.9. How were the appearances of the mother deceptive?

Ans. The appearance of the author’s mother was deceptive. Firstly, there were two deep vertical wrinkles between her eyes which was believed to be the sign of a bent for thought. His mother was not an intellectual lady but she proved herself to be argumentative and logical by nature. She generally looked in thoughtful mood. Secondly,   Her face did not indicate the strength of her moral conviction. By seeing her face , none could  guess that  she  was  almost fanatic  in the matter  of what  is right and what is  wrong . She always disliked false demonstration yet she was never too much emotional. In spite of these traits, she possessed motherly instincts and she could control the situation at her own.                             

3.My Mother(11th EM)