15.woodman ,Spare that tree -George Pope Morris

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today we are going to tell you 16.J.C.Bose.friends this a important to about of 15.woodman ,Spare that tree by  -George Pope Morris .friends read and share it 

15.woodman ,Spare that tree

                                                                                                                                    -George Pope Morris

Q.1.who ,do you think, had planted the  tree ?

Ans. Forefather of the poet had planted the tree.

Q.2.what memories does the poet have of the old oak tree?

Ans. The memories that the poet has are that when he was an idle boy. The  tree used to  provide its  grateful shade for  him  to rest ,his  sisters  used to play under  the  tree , his  mother  kissed  him there  and  his father  pressed  his  hands with affection under   the  same tree.



Q.1.who was  admitted to st. Xavier’s  school , Calcutta?

Ans. A little boy  was  admitted to st. Xavier’s school , Calcutta. The boy was Jagdish Chandra Bose.

Q.2.who was j.c.Bose’ father ?

Ans. Bhagwan  Chandra Bose was his  father .

Q.3. where  is Faridpur?

Ans. Faridpur is in Decca district.(now in Bangladesh)

Q.4. what did J.C. Bose Prove and how. ?

Ans. J.C. Bose  Proved  that  plants have  feelings like we have . he  claimed that  plants  can feel pain . he demonstrated this  fact  by poisoning a plant  and showing  its feeling  with the help of  an  instrument .

Q.5. what honours were given to J.C.Bose ?

Ans. He was  honoured with the  degree of Doctor of science by the  Royal society of London.

15.woodman ,Spare that tree



15.woodman ,Spare that tree by  -George Pope Morris