14.Lake Isle of Innisfree

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Special English 

14.Lake Isle of Innisfree

Class – 10th 

Q.1. what does the poet want to do after going to the lake isle of  Innisfree?

Ans. After going to the lake isle of Innisfree, the  poet wants to build a small cabin in a secluded place. He will grow vegetables for his own use near his cabin. He  will also have a hive for his  honey bees.

 Q.2.How does peace come to the poet in the lake isle of Innisfree?

Ans. At dawn , the poet will hear cricket’s song. He would hear the song of  the  linnets flying all around in the  evening. He would view the stars glimmering in the  sky at midnight. All these beauties of nature would bring him peace of mind.

 14.Lake Isle of Innisfree

Q.3.Why does the poet want to go to the lake isle of Innisfree?

Ans. The poet is standing on a London pavement . It is a noisy  and crowded place. Innisfree is a lovely island. It is situated in a  lake .It is a  place of great natural beauty . It is free from din and  bustle of  modern world. It gives peace to the  poet’s mind. He finds a world of difference between London and Innisfree. He wants to go  to the  lake isle of Innisfree. The  sounds of the  lake beckon him. He dare not resists their  strong and sincere call.

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Q.4.”Nature has a remedy for all” Elaborate the thought.

Ans. Nature has a remedy for all An apples  a day  keeps the  doctor away is a well known saying . The apples comes direct  from woods. A  morning walk in open spaces makes one healthy. The  sick people got to  hills and  countryside. They regain healthy . All the  herbs are found in natural surroundings . The  money minded persons trade  in honey , hides , timber and fuel woods. They get these items direct from forests. All the nutrients,  medicines and  minerals are  available in nature. Fresh water comes from nature. 

Lake Isle of Innisfree

14.Lake Isle of Innisfree