13.Three Days to See part-2

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Part -2

13.Three Days to See

 13.Three Days to See part-2

Q.5.What are the things Helen is eager to see in New York?

Ans. Hellen was eager to see New York. She would see the busy schedule of the people there. People in large groups went there on their works. No other city is full of as many activities and  conditions of men as New York . The city looks like heaven. The glittering spires and splendid buildings grant New York a heavenly sight. She would show her emotion towards the people’s smilling determined and suffering faces.

Q.6.What do you know about Helen Keller’s life?

Ans. Hellen Keller was born in 1880. She had turned totally blind, deaf and dumb when she was  less than two years old .She learnt to read ,write and even  speak under  the  guidance of Mrs.  Sullivan .She graduated from Radcliff college at the age of 24. She published several books. She was no doubt, a wonderful lady.

Q.7.What, according to Heller, are the small, simple things that transform a house into a home?

Ans. The warm colours in the rugs, the pictures on the walls and printed books are the small, simple things that transform a house into a home.

Q.8. How does Heller Keller remember her teacher, Mrs. Anne Sullivan?

Ans. Mrs. Anne Sullivan Macy was Hellen’s dear teacher. She came to her when she was a child. she opened the outer  world to Hellen . Her kindness and  affection had  made Hellen’s life worth living .she  gave her the  strength of Character with which she could stand firm in the  face of  difficulties ,Now  Hellen wanted to see the  outline of her face. So that she could cherish it in her memory. She wanted to study her face and find in it the living evidence of the sympathetic tenderness and  patience. Thus, Hellen Keller remembered her teacher.

Q.9. What is Hellen Keller’s advice to those who would make full use of their senses?

Ans. Hellen Keller advises people to make full use of their senses. This world is full of diversities. Nature is full of Various sights.  People should hear the music of voices, the songs of birds and the mighty strains of orchestra. She  advise the people  to touch each object, smell the  perfume  of  flowers ,taste with relish , each morsel . They should try to enjoy pleasures and beauty which the world reveals to them through various means of contact.

Q.10. What was the result of Hellen’s testing her seeing friend?

Ans. Hellen was blind. She wanted to test her seeing friend to discover whether they see or not and what they see. Most of the persons are least observant. One of her friends had recently returned from a long walk in the woods. When she was asked about her observations, she simply replied ‘Nothing is particular’.

Three Days to See

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13.Three Days to See part-2