13.Forest And River EXTRACT 

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13.Forest And River

                                                          –  Jalaluddin Rumi


Q.1.some important meaning-

  1. word                          Syn/similar                       Ant/opposite

      Pure                                          –                          impure

      Domain                      kingdom                             –

      Turquoise                  a blue or greenish –blue semi precious stone        –

      Captive                      imprisoned                                  –

      Young                        –                                          old

      Wither       a  plant wither or something withersit ,it dries up and dies     –

      Die                             –                                          live

      Remain                      left                                      –

Q.1.How does the forest grow ,wither and die?

Ans. The forest grows, withers and dies in silence.

      Confusion                           bewilderment                     –

      Ancient                      old                             new

      Seclusion                   isolation                     –

      Emerald                     a bright green precious stone    –

      Destiny                      fate / luck                   –

      Bewilderment             a feeling of being completely confused         –

Q. Extract      –

But what am I

Only a  captive,

Chained  to the earth,

In Silence I grow old

In silence I wither and die


Q.(a).Who is ‘I’ in these lines?

         (i)River    (ii) Forest    (iii) Sky    (iv) Earth

  (b) From these lines opposite of the word ‘free’ is  :

         (i) Captive        (ii) old        (iii) Silent           (iv) Withered

 (c) Write the name of the poem from which these lines have been taken.

 (d) Write the poet name .

Answer  :

(a)  (ii) Forest                             

(b) (i) Captive  

(c) Forest and River                 

(d) Jalaluddin Rumi

Q.2. Extract –

“ Your destiny a new life every year,

My life, running away, running in bewilderment.”

Questions  :

(a) Find out a word  from the above lines which :

 (i) has the similar meaning to – ‘confusion’.

 (ii) is the opposite  of ‘ancient’.

 (b) Why does the poet say that the forest has a new life every year?

Answer  : 

(a)  (i) bewilderment         (ii) new  

(b)The poet says that the  forest has a new life every year because every year the  trees lose their old leaves and get new ones.

Q.3. Extract –

Who does care  to ask

About a passer –by

If he really existed

Or  was only a shadow?

Now a passer-by

Aimlessly walking in the  shade

Comes to ask himself.

Questions :

(a) Find out the word from the  lines given above which has the same meaning as ‘had one’s being’.

(b) What does the poet mean by ‘Who does care to ask’?

(c) Write the name of the poem from which these lines have been taken.

Answer : 

(a) existed

(b) No one cares to ask whether a passer- by was there or not.

(c) Forest and the River.
13.Forest And River extract


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