12.The Pie and the Tart (Part- 2)

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12.The Pie and the Tart


12.The Pie and the Tart

Q.6.write a note about Mr. Gaultier and his Wife.

Ans. Mr. Gaultier was the owner of the  cake shop . He was a man  about fifty . He was very conscious about position in society . He had  no belief on good deeds like charity , sympathy and  pity for poors. His wife’s  name was marion . she was a stoutish and comely woman .she was  as  heartless as her husband. She also did not believe in charity and other  virtues . she was a liar as her husband.

Q.7.How did Pierre come to know  about the tart?

Ans.Pierre had come  to beg at Gaultier’s door. He was waiting there b . He saw  a tart . It was on a shelf just outside the kitchen. It  might be a juicy , spiced and  sugared cranberry tart. He had  only  one  glimpse of it  and the  vision faded then.

Q.8.How did Pierre escape the ire of Gaultier?

Ans.Pierre told Gaultier that  he had overheard the  couples’s talk . so  he took the  eel-pie to the  Mayor’s house. The  Mayor felt very grateful and  was  hoping him for the dinner. Gaultier was very happy to hear this. Thus  pierre escaped from the  ire of Gaultier.

 12.The Pie and the Tart

Q.9.Which was harder to get ,the pie or the tart? Why?

Ans. The tart  was  harder to get because after  coming from the  Mayor’s place Gaultier became aware of the  cheat by Jean. He gave Jean a sound beating. Gaultier also grabbed Pierre with the  collar. Pierre had to  do  something to escape the  ire of Gaultier. He made a false story and pleased him . Gaultier gave him the  tart which was  harder to get  for their theft was  detected.

Q.10. Why did Jean call the  judge, a wag?

Ans. Pierre told the  judge that he  begged for food which alone  could save his life . The  Judge said that he did  not see any  necessity  in begging . Jean heard Pierre words and called the Judge , a wag.

12.The Pie and the Tart


Today we are  going to tell you about  12.The Pie and the Tart ka part -2