12.The Frog & the Nightingale

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Today we are going to tell you  12.The Frog and the Nightingale by Vikram seth  so friends read and share it .


 12.The Frog and the Nightingale

                                                                          –  Vikram Seth

Important Extract 

Q.1. Extract –

  Once upon a time a frog

Croaked away in Bingle Bog.

Every night from dusk to dawn

He croaked awn and awn and awn.

Other creatures loathed his voice,

But, alas, they had no choice,

And the crass cacophony

Blared out from the sumac tree

At whose foot the frog each night

Minstrelled on till morning light.

Neither stones nor prayers nor sticks,

Insults or complaints or bricks

Stilled the frog’s determination

To display his heart’s elation.

Q.1.Where did a frog live?

Ans. The frog lived in a place named Bingle Bog.

Q.2.What was the trouble to other animals?

Ans. It was a trouble to the animals because they disliked frog’s croaking which was very unpleasant.

Q.3.Why were they helpless to check frog’s croaking?

Ans. They were helpless to check frog’s croaking because the frog was shameless and abstinate.

Q.4.From which poem has this stanza been taken?

Ans. This stanza has been taken from the poem, ”The Frog and the  Nightingale.”

Q.5. Write down the rhyming words from the stanza.

Ans. The rhyming words in the stanza are –

Frog- bog, down-own, light- night, sticks- bricks etc.


Q.2. Extract – 2

Oh! ‘the nightingale confessed ,

Greatly flattered and impressed

That a critic of such note

Had discussed her art and throat;

‘I don’t think the song’s divine.

But -oh, well-at least it’s mine.’

Q.1.Who is the  critic in this stanza?

Ans. The frog is the critic in this stanza.

Q.2. How does  the critic criticize the  nightingale ‘s song?

Ans. The critic criticizes the  nightingale’s song saying that it is  not bad but it is  too long. He did not like that the  song was  divine.

Q.3. What is the nightingale’s reply to the critic?

Ans. The Nightingale accepted what the  critics said.

Q.4. What Quality of the nightingale  has been  revealed in these lines?

Ans. It has been revealed in these lines that the  nightingale has the  quality of submissiveness.

Q.5. Write down the rhyming words from the stanza.

Ans. The rhyming words are – 

Confessed – impressed , note –throat ,  divine- mine.

The Frog and the Nightingale by Vikram seth