11.The Model Millionaire Part-3 

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11.The Model Millionaire Part-3 

Part -3

11.The Model Millionaire

                                                                                                                                                             – Oscar Wilde

Q.2.Briefly explain –

Q.1. Romance is the privilege of the rich not the profession of the unemployed.

Ans. The writer presents his view of the reality of life. Life is meant for rich. The rich can enjoy life well. They can lead life of comforts and pleasures. They can indulge in love making activities. Only the rich can fulfil the demands of their beloved and enjoy the company. An unemployed person is poor and leads pitiable life. However handsome and attractive. He cannot fulfil her demand. By seeking job first one would be able to get one’s recognition.

Q.2. It is better to have a permanent job than to be fascinating.

Ans. This sentences teaches us that one cannot lead better life only in fascination. Fascination has no value without permanent monthly income. For monthly income one must seek and attend permanent job. Without it , one cannot lead pleasures life .

Q.3. I assure you that there are moments when art almost attains the dignity of manual labour.

Ans. This line is spoken by Alan Trevor the painter. He indicates that art is the source of manual Labour. Art keeps man indulged in work. According to him manual Labour counts and proves to be dignified.

Q.4. He could buy all London tomorrow without overdrawing his bank account.

Ans. The characteristic of Baron’s life has been highlighted   in this line .Baron Hausberg in one of the richest men of Europe. He has the capacity of purchasing all London without overdrawing his bank account. He is prosperous and very kind.

Q.5. Millionaires are rare enough, but model millionaires are rare still.

Ans.  Baron Hausberg is a unique character of this story. Being Millionarire. he is very sensitive, kind and helping to the needy persons. The author means to say that there may be numberless millionaires in the world. But the millionaires that can present an example are rare still.

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11.The Model Millionaire Part-3