11.The Model Millionaire (Part -2)

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11.The Model Millionaire (Part -2)


11.The Model Millionaire

                                                                             – Oscar Wilde

Q.1. Write the character sketch of Hughie  highlighting :

(1) His appearance

(2) his professional and  monetary condition

(3) his attitude to money

(4) his love for Laura

(5) his good luck

Ans. Hughie Erskine is the  central figure of the story ‘ Model Millionaire’. He is handsome enough. He has crisp brown hair, clear-cut  profile and grey eyes. He is good looking . He is popular among men and  women for his charming personality and  gentle behaviour.

  Hughie tries several professions . first of all he tries stock Exchange for a few years  then he works as a  ten merchant and sells sherry . But he  fails in all of them.  He remain jobless person. He lived on 200  pounds a year  which his old aunt has allowed.he does not care for money.

           His bad luck is that  he has fallen in love  with Laura, the daughter of  a retired colonel. Both of them love each other very much. But the father  of Laura does not want to get his daughter married with him. He wants that Hughie should give him ten thousand pounds from his earning .

         At last Hughie luck take turn. He goes to his friends Alan Trevor a painter. There he  sees that Alan is painting a beggar. The condition of  the beggar moves  the feelings of Hughie and he  gives the  beggar a gold   coin as an alms. The beggar is one of the richest men of Europe. He invests his gold coin in business and gets a lot of interest. From Alan  Trevor  he  comes to know the trouble of Hughie. He sends a cheque of ten thousand pounds to  Hughie and helps him to win  Laura as his wife.

11.The Model Millionaire (Part -2)The Model Millionaire by Oscar Wilde


11.The Model Millionaire (Part -2)