11 Mantras to Success

Hello friends ,

Today i am going to tell you about  yourself success . how can you success to your life  in competitions time .

i would like to tell you one things more……….. 11 Mantras to Success……………..

11 Mantras to Success

First of all  i would like to tell you  11 Mantras to Success…..

  1. Understand your  place in the sun.

  2. Practice the  economics of abundance .

  3. Be Rooted.

  4. Use the power of positive  thinking.

  5. Let the  unmanifest work for you.

  6. Recognize  and trust change.

  7. At  tune yourself to the  unmanifest.

  8. Make the  best use of  the  present moment.

  9. Grow motivation muscle.

  10. Develop in good quality muscle.

  11. Finally , Don’t wait for  other  to change first.                                                                                                                                                      I would like to tell you one thing more  ” Our assets walk out  of the  door each evening . we  we have  to make  sure  that  they came  back  the next morning .”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            ” Things may came to  those  who wait  but only the things by those who  nustle.”

If you want to  success in your life . Now  you can follow  some rules. 
1.”I am  deaf  to the  word  No.”
2.Think Big,think  fast ,think ahead ideas are no  one’s monopoly.
3. our dream have to be  bigger, our ambitions higher , our commitment deeper and our  efforts greater .
4. you do not  require  an invitation and with perfection,success will follow.
5.Pursue  your goals even in the  face of difficulties and  convert  adversities into  opportunities.
6.Give the youth  a proper environment motivate them . Extent them  the  support they need each  one of them  has  infinite source of  energy they will  deliver. 
7. Between  my past the present  and  the  future  there is one common factor relationship and trust , this is he foundation of  our growth.
8. We bet on people .
9. Meeting  the dead lives is not good enough beating the  deadliness is my  expectation.
10.Don’t give up courage is my  conviction.


” we  can not change our rules but we can change the way  riles us “

       Education  is kindly  of a flame , not the  filling of a  vessel…………

11 Mantras to Success


11 Mantras to Success