10.The Last Leaf – O ‘Henry

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10.The Last Leaf

                                                                                                             – O ‘Henry

Part -1  

10.The Last Leaf – O ‘Henry

Q.1. What was called ‘Place’ in the story ‘The Last Leaf’ ? What was special about them?

Ans.  the streets in a little Diostrict West of  Washington Square , have been crazy . They had  broken themselves into small strips . Those small strips  were   called ‘place’ . The special thing about these place was that they  made strange angles and curves.

Q.2.What did the  doctor say to Sue about Johnsy’s illness?

Ans. The doctor told sue  that  Johnsy had lost her  will to  live . She had  only ten percent chances  of  survival . Medicines would not help her . She  could survive only by her will power. .

Q.3. How did Sue earn her  livelihood?

Ans. Sue being an artist earned her livelihood by painting  pictures  that  illustrated Magazine stories.

Q.4.Why did the last leaf not fall?

Ans. The last ivy creeper leaf did not  fall because it was  not a real leaf . It was a painted leaf on the wall.

Q.5. what was old Behrman’s masterpiece?

Ans. The ivy creeper leaf which was  painted by the  old Behrman on  the wall was his  masterpices . It was his best creation because it saved the life of  Johnsy.

Q.6. How did Behrman save Jonsy’s life? 

Ans. When Sue went to Behrman and  told him about  Johnsy’s  fancies  , he  did not waste even a single minute  . He took a lantern and a  ladder and  reached that  place . He  painted an ivy creeper leaf on the wall . He  did it when it was  raining  heavily , This painted leaf revived  Johnsy’ s will to  live . she  gained confidence and  survived . Thus Behrman  saved Johnsy’s  life.

10.The Last Leaf – O ‘Henry

10.The Last Leaf – O ‘Henry


10.The Last Leaf – O ‘Henry