10.The Last Leaf – O ‘Henry Part -2 

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10.The Last Leaf

   10.The Last Leaf – O ‘Henry Part -2                                             – O ‘Henry

Part -2 

Q.7. ‘A Friend in need is a friend indeed’. How did Sue prove that she was a friend indeed?’

Ans. Sue was Johnsy’s friends . Johnsy  suffered from  pneumonia Sue felt worried . she  called a doctor . he told Sue  that medicines  cannot cure  Johnsy . she  had lost the  will to live . her problem was  less physical and  more psychological . she  tried her  best to convince Johnsy that her death was  not  related to the  falling of leaves . Last of all  she told about Johnsy’s fancies to an old painter . The old painter painted a leaf on the  wall . Johnsy’s  saw that the  last leaf did not  fall in spite of heavy rain and Wind. She  regained her will to live and got well . In this  way Sue proved to be a good friend to Johnsy.


Q.8. Write in brief the summary of the story  “ The Last Leaf”.

Ans. The two artists sue and  johnsy lived in a studio as friends. Once Johnsy caught pneumonia and fell ill .somehow she had  a fancy that she would  die  with the  fall of the last leaf  of a vine creeper growing  againt the  wall  in the  front of the sick girl.  Sue told  her  foolish fancy to  another  artist Behrman , who  also lived  in  the  same  building . Behrman  decided to help the  sick girl and  painted  a life  like  leaf  in place of the  last leaf of the  creeper .  This leaf stood afresh inspite of wind and rain. this  encouraged Johnsy to live  and she  improved  gradually but  the  artist Behrman  died of the  cold which he had to suffer to  save one young life . Thus the sacrifice made by Behrman  is  praise worthy and  his  last leaf became his masterpiece.

10.The Last Leaf – O ‘Henry Part -2 

10.The Last Leaf – O ‘Henry Part -2