1.Teach Me To Listen ,Lord (12MP Board HM)Q.Ans

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1.Teach Me To Listen ,Lord

Today we discuss of class -12 hm chapter – 1.Teach Me To Listen ,Lord  . it very important chapter for MP Board Examinations  for those who are studying in class 12  . must read  this lesson and more…..

Lesson – 1 .Teach Me To Listen ,Lord

Q.1. what message do those who are our nearest give us ?  sup.13 sup 15

Ans. Those who are our nearest give us the message-Accept the person I am ,listen to me.

Q.2.who are the people far from us?  2013   ,  2015 ,2016
Ans . The people who are far from us who have no ray of hope in their life , who are forgotten by society  and who are suffering a great deal.

Q.3.whom does  the poet wish to trust ? 2017

Ans. The poet  wants us to trust our inner voice that warm us against a sinful deed . conscience of the  inner voice also distinguishes between right and wrong.

Q.4. In what order does the poet wish to listen to the voice ?

Ans. The poet wishes to listen to the voice are-

1.Of nearest ones  and dear ones.  2.Of the down-trodden .    3.Of one’s own soul   4.Of god.

The significance is that it is from far to near and from the outer to the innermost.

Q.5. what is the overall mood of the poem?

Ans. The overall mood of the poem is that of love, care and devotion to humanity and to god.

Q.6. How could listening to one’s inner voice be helpful? 2014

Ans. Listening to one’s voice is helpful because it warns us against sinful deeds. It tells us what is right and what is wrong.

Q.7. What do you suppose the hopeless, the forgotten ,the anguished want to tell us?

Ans. They want to tell us to give them  our sympathy, love and care.

1.Teach Me To Listen ,Lord

1.Teach Me To Listen ,Lord

1.Teach Me To Listen ,Lord

1.Teach Me To Listen ,Lord